Creative brand design for a Denton-based craft coffee company specializing in all-natural cold brew.

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Project Challenges

Skyelight Coffee Co. offers the perfect combination of flavor and health benefits through its innovative cold brew techniques. Their goal is to provide ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that empowers those with healthy and active lifestyles all over the world.

Inspired by wellness, the Skyelight team set out to share a healthy and refreshing coffee brew with their community. Their start at Denton County Brewing Co. soon turned into much more as they filled growlers and glasses for a growing customer base. It was then that they decided to contact Square 205 to create a strong brand identity that reflected their adventure-seeking values and Scottish lineage.

Brand Design

Energy, coffee, and heritage were the three keywords that drove Skyelight’s identity design. A custom script was developed to give the brand both a unique and energetic look, and the purple-green color scheme was deliberately based on the official tartan of the Isle of Skye. As the name suggests, “Skyelight” is an homage to that location and the client’s Scottish heritage.

Along with the customized typeface, we created a logo mark that could be paired with script or be used as stickers or stamps on its own. This mark included a lighthouse that referenced the Isle of Skye, while still remaining one of a kind. We explored many other Scottish themes during this process, including celtic imagery, cliffs, and traditional textures and patterns.

Skyelight logos on a laptop.

We love the subtle changes and love how it came together. We are excited to use this and spread our name through beautiful branding!

Ian Co-Founder

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