Clean & Green Car Wash reaches a Facebook audience of 940 people daily, with 33 page interactions per day.

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Project Challenges

As a neighborhood car wash franchise in the DFW area, Clean & Green Car Wash aimed to grow their social following, increase engagement with their target audience, increase website traffic and bring awareness to various on-location events.

They needed their content and advertising working for them rather than simply hoping for the best. Their campaigns lacked specific goals and strategy to effectively grow their business through repeat customers and memberships. And so, they partnered with Denton’s #1 social media marketing agency.

Content Creation

Our process begins by analyzing the brand’s current online footprint, then setting achievable goals to increase it. We crafted Clean & Green’s content marketing campaign around its community-oriented core values, which lead us to determine a list of post types that would cater to its past use of lighthearted news and memes.

With approval by the client at every step, we plan quarterly social post lineups around upcoming events, holiday promotions, and spotlight facility features. This allows us to prepare higher quality content farther in advance, be it professional graphics, stunning photography, or engaging captions.

Production Plans, which contain art direction and media shot list, are utilized by the photographer at quarterly on-location photo shoots to ensure we’re obtaining the right imagery for upcoming content needs.

We take pride in creating and scheduling a consistent flow of polished, brand-identifiable content that resonates with its audience in a fun and engaging way. Our campaigning has even earned Clean & Green Car Wash the Best of Denton County Award for the fourth time!

Page Building & Web Conversions

Page growth is one of our primary goals for their social media marketing campaign. With our content and page growth strategies, we have seen an 859% increase in Facebook likes.

Our ad strategy includes boosting social posts and creating ads for page likes. Our team manages all aspects of the Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign.

Additionally, we use social ads as well as a Google PPC Ad campaign to drive traffic to the website where landing pages and content are specifically built to lead users towards membership.

As their previous social posts and graphics were based around memes and camera phone photography, we wanted to elevate the quality of the content while continuing to balance humor and professionalism, as well as harbor a connection between Clean & Green and its local audience.

The team created a social strategy brief to strengthen their brand identity through a consistent color scheme, identifiable imagery, and uniform graphic ratios across each unique platform. This helped drive online traffic to their website, engage with special promotions, and lead to more cars seeking out each of their three locations.

Search Engine Marketing

We have established a dominant foothold on Google for Clean & Green Car Wash locations in South Denton.

Managing search ads, Google Maps ads, and SEO, we’ve ensured most searches will display at least two top page placements. Our job is to progressively increase impression share and click through for quality web traffic while reduce cost-per-click where we can to get our client the best possible RoaS (return on ad spend).

Reviewing Results

Square 205 has achieved these metrics by building a brand identity, creating quality content, using effective page management, and running optimized social media ads on Meta.



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Average Per Day



Average Per Day



Average Per Day

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