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Project Challenges

Already the leader in Aloe vera-based supplements and wellness products, Lily of the Desert wished to strengthen their social following and further engage with their target audience. As their previous social posts, graphics, and photography lacked consistency in color scheme or image composition, the content felt disjointed and presented more as an ad rather than content made to intrigue the viewer. After better establishing their social brand identity, we proceeded to create a solid social strategy to deliver editorial-level visuals and drive quality traffic to their website’s product pages and store locator.

Developing A Brand Look and Identity

For most content marketing campaigns, we break up content creation by the month and begin with a post schedule. Our “Production Plan” documents detail each upcoming post based on the platform it’s being released on (ie. Facebook, Instagram, ect) to better match our client’s goals for that month, quarter, and year.

Once the messaging and copywriting has been finalized, our production team takes on the task of art direction and photography for unique and relatable product imagery for up to 18 different social posts each month. We also design stylistic graphics and animated illustration posts to really catch the viewer’s eye in today’s sea of endless scrolling.

Tip: While static photos are a reliable source of likes, it’s statistically proven that video is the most engaging form of media for our audience to encounter. We’ve utilized this by creating multiple 30 second, high quality commercials to introduce each product in the Lily of the Desert line through stylized “motion graphic” animation video.

Customer Service Through Page Building & Audience Management

Since Facebook uses your response time in their page ranking algorithm, quick response time is good customer service. Commenters on your social posts are important to pay attention to as well. Negative comments can be seen by hundreds of people and need to be addressed. Responding to these comments professionally demonstrates your brand is willing to take accountability and improve customer’s experiences. If the comment is vulgar or entirely inappropriate then you can delete the comment.

Page growth is the most important aspect of social media. Without page growth, what is the point? Growing Facebook and Instagram followings is done with a consistent posting schedule, paired with quick customer service in the form of message/comment replies. 

Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads

Organic page growth is a steady process that takes time. The most effective way to speed up this process is to launch ‘page like’ ads and ‘boost’ individual posts. Square 205 is able to generate hundreds to thousands of likes per month based on budget with our ad strategies.

Boosting content allows us to segment audiences with interests pertaining to Lily of the Desert’s brand and show them the posts that matter most to them. More people will become familiar with your brand regardless if they follow the page or not. The increase in page visitors lets facebook know your page is worth displaying higher in page rankings. 

Targeting and retargeting customers allows the ads to ‘follow customers around the internet’. If they visit your website, we can ensure they see your ads when browsing their feed. 

Reviewing Results

Square 205 has achieved these metrics by building a brand identity, creating quality content, using effective page management, and running optimized social media ads on Meta.



To Website from Paid Social



Average Per Day



Average Per Day



Average Per Month

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