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Project Challenges

Already established as a local favorite in the DFW area, Eatzi’s has maintained a reputation for its chef-crafted meals and unique marketplace storefront. Although they currently receive a high amount of foot traffic each day, it was time to introduce an eCommerce element to help sell their products online and support the new delivery and pickup options for each of its six locations.

Square 205 was tasked with designing, developing, and optimizing Eatzi’s new website to take their amazing eats to the next level.

Menu example.

Website Design

Eatzi’s has a unique business model that required a custom eCommerce solution for the backend of the website.

Using key strategies to map out the user experience from first impression to the checkout process, Square 205 developed a custom eCommerce website where customers have the ability to order all available food items, while still meeting the unique fulfillment requirements Eatzi’s needs behind the scenes.

It was our goal to create a simple and streamlined user flow while also delivering an elegant experience similar to the one-of-a-kind experience you’ll get in person at one of their eateries.


Custom Product Types

As Eatzi’s market offers both pre-packaged and made-to-order products, there are several “build your own” options that require the user to choose their desired toppings such as a custom pizza or sandwich.

Our team has developed a special product type that allows users to build out complex products with custom ingredients.

These custom product types have additional cost options depending on size, quantity, which updates in the platform for the user’s order and even quickly reordering in the future.

Create your own sandwich.

Custom Technology Solutions

Our custom ordering system works by routing each order to one of the many restaurant locations based on the customer’s venue selection.

Due to the market concept of an Eatzi’s restaurant, there are several “venues” within a single eatery where you can order dessert, sushi, breakfast, and more.

Square 205 developed a printer routing system that sends orders to a specific venue within a store, so food preparers receive exactly the information they need to build the dish they’re specifically responsible for. Orders also only print shortly prior to a specified time for pickup or delivery.

Analytics example.

Custom Tools/Dashboards

Finally, Square 205 created custom dashboards and revenue reporting based off Eatzi’s key performance indicators.

This report dashboard is simple to access and easy to view allowing the Orders’ Coordinator, Store Managers, and Corporate Employees to have a full overview of their business goals at a glance.

With this new implementation, Eatzi’s employees can now alter opening and closing times, add website banners for emergency announcements, and adjust peak store hours quickly and efficiently.

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