Premium Supply's Ecommerce revenue increased by 645% by adding Shopify and Amazon as online sales channels

Project Challenges

eCommerce began modestly initially selling their products through an eBay Store only. The store performed well creating a new revenue source for the brand. Once we demonstrated their proof of concept, the next step was to scale their operation to additional digital sales channels. 

The client agreed to set up shop and to provide pumps, hoists, and battery chargers to the masses. We took it from there.

Launching Online Sales Channels

We launched a Shopify store, a brand-specific eCommerce website selling their wide selection of trailer industry products. The website has become the base of operations for direct marketing campaigns and is a source for industry education.

Additionally, we have multiplied the amount of consumer touch points by selling Premium Supply products on the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon’s market share reached a whopping 49% of all Ecommerce traffic for the United States in 2018. Due to such a high volume of website traffic and sales, launching a store on the Amazon platform was an obvious next step.

Although eBay was already a successful sales channel, the opportunity to continue to optimize listings, tweak pricing, and improve photography must be capitalized upon. Square 205 improved on previous sales numbers by consistently reviewing and refreshing consumer-facing content during the customer’s eBay sales journey.

Premium Supply now has a main storefront in Shopify, as well as two major alternative sales channels to sell their products to eager customers.

Graphic showing the ecommerce purchase journey
Shopify Inventory Page on Laptop Screen

Streamlined Inventory Management Across Platforms

It can be tricky to manage three stores, especially when having to log into each one and constantly monitor both inventory and sales. Premium Supply required a solution to manage the inventory across these three channels to decrease the amount of time spent repeating simple tasks.

Square 205 integrated eBay and Amazon’s backend inventory management systems into a centralized location within the Shopify website. All inventory is now easily managed across all channels, which saves both time and effort while safeguarding against inventory mismanagement due to human error.

Generating Sales Through Google PPC Ads

With the Shopify website live, we launched a digital marketing campaign focused on  generating website traffic and product sales. Square 205 achieves this by directly traffic through Google ads directly to the Shopify website.

With any marketing campaign, we first identify our customer segments in order to design ads suitable for each group’s unique purchasing needs. For Premium Supply, these included the following.

1. DIY User – The hobbyist that dabbles in trucks and enjoys getting hands-on.

2. Trailer Owner – The person who owns a trailer for work purposes and hauls significant loads.

3. Manufacturers – The businesses that assemble trucks for sale to customers.

Our strategy is to run a campaign that includes five total ad groups. Some ad groups will pertain to general brand awareness in order to advertise Premium Supple’s overall breadth of products. The remaining ad groups will contain specific products that each consumer segment is likely to purchase.

Within each ad group of the Premium Supply campaign are three separate ads: two standard text ads and one responsive text ad.

15 ads are live all month, every month, to maintain consistent consumer exposure. This resulted in a steady flow of traffic to the Shopify store website.

Collage of PPC Ads

Reviewing Results

Since 2015, Premium Supply, the brand has seen significant increases in their marketing efforts that have majorly impacted their sales.

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