A new custom website platform, user experience, and motion graphics for the #1 community and conference for podcasters.

Brand Design | Motion Graphics | Responsive Website Design

Project Challenges

Podcast Evolutions is the second annual event produced by Podcast Movement. This conference is slightly shorter than the original Podcast Movement event and is completely focused on the evolving landscape of audio and podcasting.

After we successfully designed and developed Podcast Movement’s event website for the past few years, the client came to us looking for our take on Podcast Evolution’s new web design and an enhanced backend for improved content management. The turnaround time was also much shorter for this February event, as their website typically launches in the summer.

Finally, we were tasked to build a separate landing page promoting both of their events, as well as a multi-site theme that could lead to the faster design of their upcoming Podcast Movement conference website scheduled for August in Dallas, TX.

Los Angeles Evolutions.

Website Design Style

Each year, we start off with a slight rebrand for the conference based on its new location and theme. This is primarily for supporting graphics rather than complete logo changes. For Podcast Movement: Evolutions, we did however create a new logo lockup that we believe supported the “evolutions” concept.

Our team presented a few directions for graphics that could be used throughout the website, in all promotional items, and through their stage production including motion graphics. The client chose our “color overlay” suggestion, which reimagines black and white photography of iconic Los Angeles imagery and the city’s history. We then incorporated large vibrant color overlays and other pops of bold color across the design.

Tall outline image.

Responsive WordPress Theme Development

This year’s design was a complete departure from the last few years, as we essentially built a new custom WordPress theme from the ground up. Once the style is defined, we began the process by creating a consistent style guide and solid homepage design.

Each webpage was custom-designed with reusable components in mind. Through the use of custom post types and advanced custom fields, we created a backend system the client can easily edit and our development team can easily expand on. We’ll then use this same theme in the future with a new skin to cut down on development costs. This will allow us to focus the client’s budget on the more creative aspects of the project.

Icon and Motion Graphic Design

We added additional custom visuals to the website with a custom icon design that matches the vibrancy of the color overlays used across the website.

Additionally, multiple motion graphic videos were produced to be used as the stage centerpiece projected for speaker introductions and between conference sessions. These animated graphics quickly add a level of production quality static graphics or video alone simply lacks. This value was extended to sponsors to ensure their brands were seen more often due to motion capturing the audience’s eye.

Tall case study display.

Dallas 2020 Branding

As stated, the new website theme was built for future websites as well such as the sadly unused Dallas 2020 conference website. The majority of the website was reworked by the Podcast Movement to eventually promote Podcast Movement Virtual due to Covid. We were all invited to go to the conference too which was first exciting and eventually quite disappointing.

Prior to the pivot to virtual, we were working on the conference’s brand identity taking full advantage of Dallas’ western roots. A vintage style with western typography and an earthy color palette inspired by whiskey labels, saloon branding, BBQ restaurants, cowboy aesthetics, and some more modern touches was developed.

Brown logo.

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