Wordpress Website Maintenance & Security

Eliminate website downtime, bugs, and security vulnerabilities with expert and proactive maintenance

Secure Site + Less Worry

Put your website on cruise control (for you anyhow). We provide monthly backups, plugin updates, and premium security services to keep out intruders and protect against DDoS attacks. Real time security and website downtime monitoring ensures we’re always first to know of an issue.

We also offer an option to add monthly content updates to ensure your site is always up to date without you having to remember the ins and outs of the content management system. 

Standard Maintenance is $100/mo.

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Monthly backup of your website files and database to a secure server separate from your hosting for additional protection. This allows us to quickly restore your site if ever needed. Unlimited restores from backup are included for all maintenance and security related issues. See terms for more details.

CMS & Plugin Updates

Take advantage of new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements and maintain site stability with regular Wordpress and plugin updates so your site continues to perform at peak levels. All updates are tested on a staging website prior to implementation on your live site to reduce the risk of downtime.

Premium Security

Protect against forced entry, data loss, and security threats to your users. Security monitoring informs our team of vulnerabilities in real time. Our team will continually monitor and update configurations as needed to keep intruders out and your data safe.

User Maintenance

Ensure users and groups have the correct access level and that profiles are up to date with user maintenance. Need to add or remove a user? We’ll take care of that for you.

Real-time Monitoring

Get alerted should your site come under attack from a virus, malware, or hackers for immediate response and protection.

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Our simple and fast project planner will help us understand your needs quickly so we can get to creating sooner.

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