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developing conversions for landing pages - Square 205

Developing Landing Pages for Conversions

Tell us if this sounds familiar… You’re running a fantastic offer. All the components are developed, including– the landing page to capture information or sales, the reward the user gets in return, all the behind-the-scenes pieces that go into delivery, and finally, your promotional campaign. You’ve invested a good chunk of money in advertising and […]

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Benefits of Effective Email Marketing & CRM Management

If you have a stake in growing a business, you’re probably familiar with email marketing. But without a proper strategy, your communication can go unnoticed or, at worst, be an annoyance to the recipient.  Think about your inbox. How many messages do you send straight to the trash folder? And what about those you mark […]

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Digital interactive agency - Square 205 Denton, Texas

What Is An Interactive Agency?

You’ve decided you’re ready to take your business to the next level. You want to bring in an agency to get you there, but when you start your research, you discover many different types of agencies – web design, creative, marketing, interactive, digital. First, what on earth do these different agencies do? And second, who’s […]

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Digital Branding Illustration - Square 205

Shaping Your Digital Brand Strategy

Let’s face it. It’s getting more and more difficult to stand out from the competition online. Most people spend their days consuming media, whether scrolling their devices, listening to podcasts, checking their email, or watching TV. We are constantly bombarded by retailers and service providers with the same essential messages – “Buy Now!”, “Sign Up […]

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Pinterest logo with pin, like, comment, heart icons - Square 205

How Pinterest Marketing Can Grow Your Business

When it comes to social media advertising, most marketers turn to Facebook, Instagram, and, more recently, TikTok. But there’s another well-known social platform (designed specifically for sharing content and products) that doesn’t always find its way into a marketing plan. We’re talking about Pinterest. If it hasn’t been part of your plan, let us tell […]

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ad feature mockup graphic for desktop and mobile - Square 205

Retargeting for Higher Conversions

Chances are, at some point you’ve abandoned an online purchase, whether you were just browsing or made it to the shopping cart. You could have been interrupted, decided you weren’t ready to buy, or simply changed your mind. In these situations, you may need a reminder to take the next step in checkout. That gentle […]

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Email signature blog hero image - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

How Email Signatures Can Benefit Your Brand

From straightforward and clean, to cluttered and overwhelming, to the inevitable “Sent from my iPhone.” If you’ve been in the professional world, even for a brief amount of time, you’ve seen a wide array of email signatures. More often than not, companies treat email signatures as afterthoughts; just information at the end of a message […]

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Display ads blog featured graphic - Square 205

Display Advertising: Tips for a Successful Campaign

Even if you aren’t familiar with display ads, you’ve most likely seen your fair share of them. Whether you’re scrolling through a website, watching a YouTube video, checking your Gmail account, or interacting with apps… you’ve probably even clicked on one without realizing it. Brands and businesses of all sizes use display ads, or “banner […]

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10 years of excellence blog cover image - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

10 Years of Digital Marketing & Creative Excellence

Today we hit another milestone! 10 years of industry experience, great employees, and the best clients around. We’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings as a startup agency, and now is the perfect time to reflect on our past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future. In The Beginning Before everything else, […]

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How Product Videos Can Boost Sales & Brand Awareness - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

How Product Videos Can Boost Sales & Brand Awareness

When it comes to the internet, keeping up with the times can be next to impossible. Remember AOL? Distant memory. MySpace? It’s a thing of the past. Vine? Gone. These are extreme examples, but it speaks to the volatility of the internet. Now, the same mindset should be applied when managing a website. Producing professional […]

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Social Media Strategy - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

How To Get More Out of Your Social Media Posts

Ever sit down to watch shows with your kids on Saturday morning? When advertisements for the new Lego set or the newest Barbie doll pop up on the screen, you likely change the channel or start poking around on your phone. Why? Because you’re not the target audience… but your kids, on the other hand, […]

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SEO tips hero graphic - Square 205

Strategic SEO Tips For Web Pages & Posts

Brain surgery, rocket science, chemical engineering… search engine optimization? You know, just a list of the most complicated concepts known to man! Okay, that’s maybe a tad extreme, but Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) can still be a bit of a mystery. In this article, we lay out the most essential on-page SEO tips that […]

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DesignRush and Square 205 partnership

Square 205 Ranked A Top Agency According to DesignRush

Square 205 has been recognized among the top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies in Fort Worth by DesignRush Marketplace. DesignRush is a reputable online guide that helps brands find the best professional agencies, categorized by their area of expertise.  We are proud to partner with other brands similar DesignRush to share our skills and knowledge with […]

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marketing during adverse times blog graphic - Square 205

Marketing During Adverse Times

About a week ago, a couple of us were at the Star in Frisco to meet with a client. Or, more specifically, we were at Formation, a beautiful work environment that they’ve dubbed ‘Coworking the Cowboy Way.’ The gym downstairs was packed, conference rooms were booked, tours were happening, and the Conference USA basketball tournament […]

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The Benefit of Benefits blog hero - Square 205

The Benefit of Benefits

You may sell the best-darned lamp on the market, but does your audience know that? Have you created enough separation between you and your competitors in how you are marketing your products? Maybe, maybe not. Too many businesses are talking about their product in an ineffective way. Today, we find out what you can do […]

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How To Craft Facebook Ads | Square 205 | Denton, TX

How to Craft a Facebook Ad

Engaging your audience over social media can feel like a daunting task as it is. It’s easy to forget about creating paid ads on Facebook. Anyone can create an ad on Facebook, but it’s only the start. There are a few things to keep in mind as you craft your Facebook Ad. According to Facebook’s […]

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Digital Marketing 101 blog header - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

Digital Marketing 101

Search Ads and AdWords and shopping carts, oh my! If you know your way around the internet, you’ve probably run into a fair share of these terms. But what do they mean? And what impact do they have on your business? Square 205 is here to lay it down in layman’s terms. At this point, […]

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SEO Answering the Right Question - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

SEO: Answer The (Right) Question

Search engines answer questions. What is that question? It could be anything. Why is my dog ignoring me? Where is the closest pizza place? Or OH MY GOSH I FOUND SOMETHING ON MY ARM, IS THIS BENIGN? Whatever the question, Google’s goal is to connect people with the right answer. It can be difficult to […]

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Blogging for your business - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

Why Blogging Should be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Mommy blogs. Vegan blogs. Iguana owner blogs. Iguana-owning, vegan mommy blogs. There’s a blog for everything nowadays. The pressure to have one in your content marketing strategy can be overwhelming. If you’re a small business, you may be wondering why you would bother with writing a blog. This may ring even truer if you’re in […]

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Growing your business through social media - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

How Social Media Platforms Can Help Grow Your Business

Digital marketing can be confusing. SEO? PPC? Social media? What are these things and what can they do for your business? This is the first blog post in a series exploring the different elements of digital marketing, how they work, and what you can do to take advantage of them. This series is meant to […]

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Social Media Tools - Square 205 Website Design & Marketing Agency in Denton, Texas

6 Social Media Tools Your Content Strategy is Missing

Social media is ever-changing and can be insanely difficult to keep up with, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts for your business. When should you post? What should you post? How do you find content? There are countless questions. Luckily, there are many tools that can help strengthen your social media content strategy. While all […]

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Google Search Engine Marketing In A Nutshell

Ever wondered if you’re missing out on Google’s search advertising features? It can be really discouraging to put so much effort into your branding and website and not receive the amount of traffic that you had hoped for all because your website it not being seen by the right people. Well, Google AdWords is here […]

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Super Digital Marketing Techniques the Big Game Taught Us

Every year at the beginning of February we gather around our TVs with food, friends, and beer to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. While some people tune in for the actual football game, a lot of us tune in for the real entertainment: Super Bowl commercials. These last few years, however, major […]

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